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Each year, around six billion plastic payments cards are produced.

We don’t want to add to the problem and so have opted for payment
cards made from eco-friendly materials.

Innovative eco-friendly cards

  • The Sokin Card is made from over 86% recycled PVC.
  • Good for the environment as well as for your financial future.
  • Our eco-friendly cards are driving a more long-term, sustainable focus for our business.

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A forward-looking

  • Sokin is working with IDEMIA, the global leader in augmented identity.
  • Thanks to IDEMIA’s eco-friendly offer, GREENPAY, Sokin will be able to slash plastic waste and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Sokin is one of the first new-generation financial institutions to issue recycled plastic payment cards.

Building a circular economy

  • Sokin has pledged to adopt green business solutions.
  • Our recycled cards curb natural resource consumption in line with circular economy principles.
  • A responsible use of resources without compromising on quality or security.